Mark McEahern

Helping teams create software

I'm a software architect with extensive experience with many different languages and frameworks, most recently Ruby on Rails and Ionic.

What I Do

I am a co-founder of Manifestly: Checklists for Teams, a SaaS for helping teams achieve better repeatability, visibility and dependability in their recurring processes.

I have over 20 years experience in usability, agile software development, and product management. I've been a developer, project manager, and founder of SaaS startups as well as leader of several large enterprise teams.


Previously, I founded Adorable IO with Jim Remsik.

Prior to that, I was the Senior Director of Software Development for Chirrpy.

For many years I was a software project manager at the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, where we created all the software for registering LLCs in Wisconsin as well as filing annual reports. I was instrumental in bringing the concept of automatic filing to fruition for corporate documents.


I enjoy working with great teams who are working on software that will improve the world. Send me a note or download my resume.